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Rent A Horse

So you are not able to have a horse of your own, but you LOVE them dearly? We can provide a solution to your equine loving needs.

We lease our horses to experienced riders. We want you to enjoy riding without the need of an instructor. To be allowed to rent our horses you will need to demonstrate your horsemenship skills for us. We love and care for our animals and we need to make sure you have the same respect for them as we have for them. Why bother owning a horse when you can just rent one from us?

Rent a horse from us, use our tack, our covered arena, our pasture or use the 200 acre woods behind us. Enjoy a stroll with an easy riding horse!

Rent A Horse

For experienced horsemen only. Rates are 30 minute increments or by the hour. We provide all tack. We have a covered arena or 200 acres behind us to ride on. You just enjoy the love of riding!

$30/30 mins.

$55/1 hr.

Other rates available

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